1. In order to help retain and maintain control of your firearm throughout a self-defense scenario, you can keep your gun in one hand and close to your body and utilize your free hand to block your attacker.

2. When carrying a firearm and stopped by a law enforcement officer, do not make sudden movements or pull out the firearm to show it to the officer.

3. Minnesota statute 609.666 specifically authorizes the use of deadly force to prevent the commission of a felony in the home.

4. A gun or knife are examples of "ability" to cause great bodily harm or death.

5. Never surrender your firearm to anyone other than a uniformed police officer or security guard.

6. In order to use deadly force against another, the attacker must truly have the ability to kill or cause great bodily harm. This "abilityā€¯ may come in the form of having a dangerous or deadly weapon or a disparity of force exists between the victim and the attacker. Select all the items below that represent a "disparity of force".

7. The WEB site Handgunlaw.us can be used to find legal information related to firearms state-by-state but the information should always be cross-checked and verified on the state specific WEB site.

8. Semi-automatics are generally considered to be less complicated to operate than revolvers.

9. It is generally believed that the first person to call 911 is the victim.

10. Which Amendment to the US Constitution provides that, "No person... shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself..."

11. The material presented on the UAPDI WEB site or by a UAPDI instructor constitutes legal advise?

12. Laws can differ greatly from state-to-state. This is especially true where firearms are concerned and the legal use of force.

13. Current laws (criminal or civil) shield Good Samaritans.

14. To "win" at self-defense, the only hurdle you need to clear is being cleared of criminal charges.

15. Regarding the color codes of awareness, when outside the home, you should be at condition yellow (aware of your surroundings)

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