Welcome to the United Association of Personal Defense Instructors (UAPDI). This website contains information related to firearms with specific topics relating to permit-to-carry, also generally referred to (sometimes incorrectly) as CCW or CHL depending on which state you are from.

The Minnesota Department of Public Safety has approved United Association of Personal Defense Instructors (UAPDI) as a permit-to-carry instructor training organization. UAPDI is authorized to certify individuals to teach the Minnesota permit-to-carry class. UAPDI is registered as a Minnesota non-profit corporation. Other certified instructor training organizations can be found on the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (MN BCA) website. UAPDI has been on the BCA approved list since approximately April 2007.

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If you wish to express comments regarding the contents of this website, feel free to send email or regular mail to the address below. UAPDI is not currently accepting applications for new instructors. This website is currently a closed site, meaning that user registrations are not accepted at this time. In other words, this website is read-only.


Lance Jahnke
United Association of Personal Defense Instructors
NRA RSO, NRA Pistol & RTBAV Instructor, graduate of the LOSD instructor training program as offered by Attorney Andrew Branca and graduate of MAG20 as offered by the Massad Ayoob Group

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