Targets for horizontal axhands are

  1. temple
  2. ear
  3. jaw/mastoid
  4. side of neck (google brachial stun)
  5. throat
  6. bridge of nose
  7. jaw line
  8. floating ribs
  9. back of neck
  10. lower spine
  11. kidneys

Best easy target for vertical axehands are primarily collarbone, can be followed up with a neck wrench with the same hand, like you were scooping dough out of a mixing bowl. Can also be delivered as a hammerfist and probably has more versatility that way, less likely to hurt yourself on bony targets.

Do not ever punch to the head or face with a closed fist. Unless you are a master boxer or karate guy you're likely to hurt your hand or even break it, and that's a fight ender. You might not even faze him but if you're hand's broke you're done. Moves to use

  1. Chinjab. This is like an uppercut, but with your hand open, with the heel of your hand. As you impact with his chin and lever it backwards, insert your fingers into his eyes and claw. Continue this movement backwards as far as you can, your goal being to slam his brainstem into the pavement. For added points, stomp his instep just as the blow lands. This will tack his foot to the ground and effect an ankle break or a takedown at the very least.
  2. Ax hand. This is the typical karate chop. It can be delivered at almost any angle, with great speed and force. Even with just arm strength and no body english this can easily break someone's nose. You can throw it inward or backhand. Practice figure 8s with axhands.
  3. Rakes/claws. When delivered in quick succession these are incredibly disconcerting, painful and hard to stop. Imagine a jaguar clawing its victim to death. (And by the way, that is your mindset...) Targets are eyes, cheeks, lips, ears. Anything you can, grab and rip. If your finger goes into his mouth, fishhook and jerk one of his cheeks. If your finger or thumb goes into his eyesocket (and it should) scoop out his eye, or hook into the socket and use it as a handle to control his head. The natural followup is a gouge. Put your fingers into both of his eyesockets and hook your thumb under the chin. Fight done.
  4. Thai-style roundhouse kick to just above the outside of his knee. This kick takes a little bit of practice on a heavybag or with a partner and thai pads to perfect but it's incredibly nasty and will buckle your leg. It's also quite hard to stop unless you know how. Can also be delivered to the inside of his knee. The outside above the knee is called the common peroneal nerve and can also be struck with a knee. It's used for torture by US troops. Kicks to the groin? I don't really know if I recommend this because men instinctively protect their groins and your foot will be in grabbing range. Front kick or stomp kick his knee instead and then follow up with a stomp to his instep and close-in horror. Other good targets for front kicks are the tailbone, the back of the knees, the achilles tendons and the spine. If you're behind him use a stomp kick (impact with your heel and bodyweight.) Also you can kick with the inside edge of your foot kind of like how you kick a hacky-sack. If you hit with this type of kick to anywhere on his leg, follow it up with weight and take him down.
  5. Elbows. Elbows can be delivered in any direction. You can throw them like an uppercut to the chin or forehandlike a hook to the temple or jaw. You can also throw backhand elbows or downward elbows with your weight on them. You can use your elbows as two spikes when rushing in and protecting the sides of your head. This is especially good against a range fighter. If you grab any part of his arm, a good tactic is to elbow it while holding onto it. A reinforced elbow is hooking the back of his neck and slamming your other elbow into the side of his head repeatedly, like hammer and anvil. You can also do this with thumb in his eye.
  6. Groinslap. This is good when angling by him; step forward at a 45 degree angle with your left foot and as you shoot past him slap him in the balls as hard as you can.
  7. Shield movements. A 45-degree step to your left while bringing both hands up to your temples. This movement can also be straight into him if he throws a haymaker. Just lunge straight into him with a double elbow strike and then begin pummeling forward with elbows, knees, headbutts and lowline stomps. Close in like this, you're too close to use hammerfists very effectively so use smashes with your forearm as the reciprocal movement to the elbow blows. Another shield movement is the Cowcatcher, so named by Lee Aldridge formerly of SDF. A double palmstrike lunge to the face while protecting the jaw in the hollow formed by your shoulders. Your hands are in his face, so he can't see what you're doing and you can barrage him with lowline blows.
  8. Claw flurry. This is like chainpunching but with palmstrikes. After each blow, claw downwards. This has an effect similar to Dmitri's "Shredder," meaning that once you get going it's very hard for the client to do anything except protect his eyes, and that's very hard to do. Garnish with a lowline kick for every forward step.
  1. If a blow lands, try and follow it up right away with another and another and another to the same location. If he starts blocking, start attacking his arms or better yet go low.
  2. If you get him bent over, start kneeing him in the face and elbowing him downwards onto his brainstem and the back of his neck. If he tries to grab your legs from this position, sprawl forward to get on top of him and come down on his kidneys or spine with the points of both of your elbows, then begin kneeing him in the head.
  3. Ear biting. Jugular biting, finger biting, trachea biting. Bites to the vein complex around the latissimus dorsai. I understand (never tried this) that you can bite someone on the triceps and it's excruciatingly painful and you can control them that way to the extent of making them jump up in the air.
  4. 2-finger pokes to the eyes, trachea and nipples are good (you laugh at nipples? Take your thumb and push it straight into your nipple. How far can you go?) Or jab fingers up under the armpit, or into the groin.
  5. Dig your fingers down behind his collarbone and try to grab his collarbone while VIOLENTLY SHAKING IT. Do this after you've broken his collarbone with an axehand, or just break the collarbone in this manner.
  6. Grab his hair or back of his neck with one hand and forcefully shove his chin in a horizontal or vertical rotation.
  7. Get behind him, stomp on the back of his knee, and simultaneously claw his face backwards like you were trying to peel it off. Or when you're behind him you can grab the back of his collar and drop to the ground sideways with all of your weight on his collar. Back-of-head, meet Mr. Concrete.
  8. Every step forward should be a stomp. You should always ALWAYS ALWAYS maintain forward pressure, moving into him, or alongside him and then move into him from the side or rear. Close in, every time you lift your foot off the ground, you should knee and then stomp. Every time you retract your hand after a blow, you have the ability to elbow. Put your hand near your ear as you elbow vertically and this will also protect you from close-in hooks.
  9. A good cycle is hammerfist-elbow-hammerfist-elbow. Same with knee-stomp-knee-stomp. Repeat until he gets sleepy.

Stunguns don't necessarily work. Mace might work and it's good for a first line of defense because, like, no harm no foul. If he has a weapon and you don't, run like the wind. Many people dispute this, but it really depends on the situation. Some say your chances of getting away are very slim, and this may be true, but it depends on the will of the knifer or whatever to chase after you.

Try not to go to the ground if you can at all help it. Bad things are on the ground, like crack vials, syringes and broken bottles. If he has friends they will come up and put in the boot on your spine. You limit your ability to get away. This goes even if you are jujitsu master. Combat jujitsu people try to throw and maintain their own balance without going to the ground, it's a last resort.

If you find yourself holding one of his hands with both hands, try to wrench it or hold onto it while kicking his lower extremities. If he grabs you, start pummelling the shit out of him. Elbows, knees, whatever. A good move is glasgow kiss which is to grab his lapels and headbutt him (with the part above your forehead) until he goes to sleep. If he goes down on his knees or falls down, immediately STOMP on anything he has on the ground and then start jumping up and down on it. People talk about kneedrops but to me that's a pro-wrestling move; just jump up and down on him, landing with your heels. If he starts out on one knee, with a combination of shoves, kicks and stomps you should be able to work him down prone, whereupon you can begin the stomping-- two-foot, balls out jumpstomping-- of his joints and most tender parts with your sweet little tootsies.

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